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Building Surveys

Not sure which survey you require? Get in touch with us and we would be happy to discuss your needs, as well as providing a job specific quotation. 

Schedule of Condition

This is a survey undertaken as part of matters under the Party Wall etc. Act and most commonly to be included as part of an Award. 

The survey involves inspection of the relevant areas of the Adjoining Owner's property. Findings are photographed and typed up into a report (Schedule of Condition). The Schedule of Condition will be shared with the owners and where appropriate, included within an Award. 

The purpose of this is to record the existing condition of the property, so if any damage occurs it can be proven - likewise where damage is alleged but was pre-existing to the works, this can also be proven.

Narrow Street
Red Building

Damp Assessment

As experienced surveyors we have knowledge of how buildings work with their environment, how they are constructed and the defects that can occur, as well as how to fix these. When damp occurs in your property allow us to properly and thoroughly investigate and specify a resolution. Incorrectly identifying and remedying damp problems can cost you £££ as well as causing further damage to your property. Incorrect repairs can lead to worse symptoms and other problems occurring, so correct identification and specification of repairs is essential.

Defect Analysis

A defect survey will focus on a specific problem relating to a property or building. Defect surveys can cover a wide range of issues identified in a property. Defect analysis can be carried out in a residential or commercial property. 

This survey can be useful if you are a property owner and you would like clarification and guidance on an issue you have identified. 

Defect analysis can include multiple building elements, even if the initial problem looks isolated.

Cyclist Through Rubble
Town Houses

Condition Report

A condition report is suitable for those purchasing a property and wanting to establish its condition and any urgent defects. It is generally for standard properties of standard construction.

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